About Kenyan Sign Language Online Plus

Kenyan Sign Language(KSL) Online Plus is an online educational and tutorial material that is developed for teaching any courses e.g. Math, English in sign language. The web application offers a free Kenyan Sign Language Online Plus Dictionary product that enables both Deaf and Hearing users to repeatedly search for a word in either English or Kiswahili, afterwhich an online video will appear to show how to sign for the searched word. If the searched word/phrase doesn’t exist in the dictionary, the word/phrase is automatically added to the list where the KSL Online Plus team will review and add a new word and video link on the online Dictionary.

Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) is recognized under the Article 7(3) the Constitution of Kenya 2010 as official language in Kenya. As well, Kenyan Sign Language is optional examinable in Kenya National Primary and Secondary Education Examination.